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Jump start your COVID school year!

Showing you how to be an effective teacher during COVID

Are you a special education or classroom teacher and have anxiety about what is in store for you when school begins this fall? You are not alone! 
Presenter, Dana Chandler, is a 25-year veteran of education as a teacher and principal. Through her research and development of an effective program for students during the COVID school shutdown, she discovered some of the things to do and not to do as we navigate the COVID crisis.
This one-hour course will show you how to be an effective teacher, whether you’re doing a hybrid model or distance learning. You will hear topics concerning the legal requirements for serving students with special needs, how to set up the first week of school, how to make small modifications to instruction and assessments, and how to efficiently collect data when students are not at school.
By clicking the link below you’ll have access to this webinar for 12 weeks and receive free resources, including best practice guidance for serving special education students, parent survey sample, access to free online resources for both academics and social/emotional learning, and more.

  • Webinar

    12 Week access
    Valid for 12 weeks
    • 3 videos, 5 freebie documents


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