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By Dana Chandler and Kari Lineberry

Told By Barbara Altman


When The World Shakes,  A Personal Account of the 2011 Great Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami

By Dana Chandler

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Hello! I Have Autism 

by Dana Chandler

After watching her mother die and losing her father, 15 year-old Lil is left to raise her younger siblings. She dreams of having her own restaurant. She is a gifted chef, but lacks the opportunity to prove it because of the hardships of farming, WWII, and the inequalities facing women of her time. Lil has had to prioritize others since childhood. Can she now prioritize herself and make her dream come true? Based on a true story.

A personal account of the Great Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami, is a fascinating read of the resiliency of people during times of great disaster. It shows the courage and triumph of facing a disaster and coming out of it a stronger individual.

Learn about the daily life of a child with Autism. This book has suggestions on how you can better understand and communicate with someone with Autism using beautiful photography and simple suggestions. This book was created for families who have had a child diagnosed with Autism, teaching siblings or peers about Autism, or making others aware of differences in children with disabilities.


The Backpacker Bob Series: Raging Waters, Creature in the Woods, and Fire! Fire!

By Kari Lineberry

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Backpacker Bob FULL SET + Reading



By Dana Chandler

The Backpacker Bob Series of readers are based on a real-life family in the 1970s. Written from the child’s perspective, enjoy the family as they explore and learn about their world from the wilderness of northern Idaho. A reading activities guide is also part of the series, designed to increase reading skills for children.

Children's Christmas Plays

These plays were written with inexperienced directors in mind and includes speaking and non-speaking roles for small or large groups, (whatever fits your group size). Each purchase comes with copyright permission for up to 15 copies of the Actor's Script.

Merry Fish-mas 

by Kari Lineberry

Christmas Has Talent 

by Kari Lineberry


King of the Jungle 

by Kari Lineberry

A Prairie Yodel for Christmas 

by Kari Lineberry


Merry Fish-mas is a faith-based play that tells the Christmas story from an "underwater" perspective. Watch a variety of sea creatures sing, dance, and laugh while uniquely celebrating Christmas. This fun and whimsical children's musical includes the actor's script, the Director's Notes, web-based sound tracks and demos, and examples and directions for rehearsals, the set, props, and costumes that are fun and easy to make.

Christmas Has Talent is a faith-based children's musical your audience is sure to love! This silly play of a Christmas show, humorously tells the Christmas story using all the contestants in a talent contest. This book includes all the director's notes, costume creation, set design and construction, set up, music, and more!

King of the Jungle is a faith-based children’s Christmas musical play. This silly safari humorously tells the Christmas story using the creatures of the jungle. This book includes all director’s notes, costume creation, set design and construction, set up, songs, and more!

A Prairie Yodel for Christmas is a faith-based children's Christmas play. This silly and funny western style play, humorously tells the Christmas story using unique characters during a yodeling contest. This book includes the script, Director's Notes, costume creation, set design, construction and set up, music, and more.

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